Web Series

Host: Gigi Blackshear

Creator and Executive Producer: Claresa Baggs

Director: Adam Madrid


The groundbreaking Still Surviving and Walking in Your Purpose Talk Show will empower, refocus and re-energize viewers changing their perspectives regarding their self-worth and self-awareness.

Still Surviving and Walking in Your Purpose will InspireMotivate, and Encourage Men and Women to overcome their past, while providing keys to unlock the future destined for them to live. Viewers can expect to be challenged, encouraged, inspired and educated on societal Issues that affect our communities today.

We believe that there is no such thing as "I SURVIVED-PERIOD". We are each a sum total of all that we have experienced in our lives thus far. Those experiences shape the lens through which we view our lives, the world and various situations. Triggers such as a taste, sound, or even a particular smell can bring us immediately back to a specific time in you life.

Hosted by Gigi Blackshear, Still Surviving and Walking in Your Purpose will present persons from various walks of life who have faced challenges ranging from rape, drug addiction, sexual assault, domestic violence, etc, who have learned to use the ugliness and darkness of their pasts to find a glimmer of hope and strength from the darkness, discovering their life's Purpose and learning to Walk Boldly in that Purpose.

Still Surviving and Walking in Your Purpose

  • Increase Empathy

  • Create Open and Honest Dialog

  • Provide Hope to those who think they are without Hope

  • Generate Awareness

Director: Adam Madrid - A & M Productions

Creator and Executive Producer: Claresa Baggs

Interested in being a guest? Contact us at StillSurviving@alliknowjax.org.